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The Ultimate Accessory Kit Gift Set

The Ultimate Accessory Kit Gift Set

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SKU: MP6775
Medical accessory kit gift set contains 8 oz. Ames Walker Hosiery Wash, Venosan Hosiery Gloves, Veno-Glider Fitting Aid,Juzo Laundry Bag

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The Ultimate Accessory Kit

*Order by Glove Size*

This Kit contains:

  • 8 oz. Ames Walker Hosiery Wash: Ames Walker Hosiery Wash will promote longer life for your finer hosiery because it rejuvenates and protects fibers in a gentle cleansing manner
  • Venosan Hosiery Gloves: Gloves for donning and doffing of medical compression stockings. Featuring no latex, no perspiration, pleasant, comfortable to wear, & firm grip.
  • Veno-Glider Fitting Aid: The innovative fitting aid VENO-GLIDER” can be used with both open and closed toe stockings!
  • Juzo Laundry Bag: Juzo Mesh laundry bag ideal for machine washing your compression socks


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